Posted: July  15, 2011

EAM Worldwide Receives FAA TSO Approval on New 36-Person Life Raft

EAM Worldwide, also know as Eastern Aero Marine, is proud to announce that its Model EAM-T36 Air-Aspirated Life Raft has received FAA approval for immediate use in the commercial and general aviation industry. With a rated capacity of 36 persons and an overload capacity of 54 persons, this new twin-tube life raft is now approved as a Type I life raft for use on all categories of aircraft.

The EAM-T36 has many popular standard features including a high-pressure nitrogen inflation system for rapid cold weather inflation, a visible pressure gauge for quick in-service checks, an automatic deploying sea anchor and a survival kit packaged in a sealed, waterproof nylon pouch.

“Because the pressure gauge is visible for periodic in-service checks, the EAM-T36 can save on repair station bills and reduce the total cost of ownership by only needing a full maintenance inspection every 36 months,” stated Eloy Leal, Director of Operations & Engineering. “For immediate inspection convenience, the raft can be sent to EAM’s exclusive repair station in Miami, Florida or to one of many factory-trained and EAM-endorsed repair stations worldwide.”

The EAM-T36 is also offered with a variety of survival kits that meet FAA and JARS OPS 1 requirements. Offered with or without a center float on the life raft deck, the EAM-T36 can be equipped with a reverse osmosis water-maker hand pump that can produce up to six gallons of fresh drinking water from sea water each day. If needed, optional emergency locator  transmitters (ELTs) are available for installation either in the survival kit or attached to the life raft buoyancy tube for automatic activation versions. The ELT’s transmit homing can signal on 121.5/243 MHz and coded COSPAS/SARSAT compliant on 406 MHz.
The EAM-T36 is the latest model to join the “Classic Series” of twin-tube aviation life rafts, which extensively includes EAM-T6 (6-person), EAM-T12 (12-person), EAM-T25 (25-person), EAM-T32 (32-person) and EAM-T46 (46-person). Detailed information on various pack sizes, weights, options, kit contents, and specifications for all of EAM life raft products are available at their newly redesigned website

Celebrating close to 60 successful years in business, EAM Worldwide delivers high-quality safety equipment and technology to help ensure the survival and well-being of each passenger and crew member. Providing exceptional client service to the aviation and marine industries, EAM also helps support the financial and operational sustainability of each client. With its latest RFID technology and innovation in its customizable life vest, rafts and kits, EAM is continually positioned to deliver on its promise. EAM Worldwide is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has a recently-expanded global sales office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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