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Dacon Rescue Frame

Part No: DC-RG10
Description: Dacon Man-Over-Board Recovery System for FRCs and Life Boats.

Approved by NMD- Conforms to the 1997 UKOOA guidelines for Standby vessels

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a manual rescue "net" for use on rescue craft for gentle and effective recovery of exhausted and seriously injured persons from the water.  The equipment simplifies recovery and is quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel. The Dacon Rescue Frame is simple to use and requires only a brief introduction.  The Dacon Rescue Frame is designed for use on any craft where the freeboard height makes it difficult to recover a person from the water.

The Dacon Rescue Frame is standard equipment on a majority of FRCs on vessels and rigs serving the offshore oil industry in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

The Norwegian Navy uses the Rescue Frame on most of their FRCs. The equipment is also used for training by all the maritime training centres in Norway.

A number of ferry companies have their FRCs equipped with the Rescue Frame. The equipment is further used by other rescue organisations as well as scuba diving schools and clubs in Norway and abroad.

The longer models for use from enclosed lifeboats and other high freeboard rescue craft are incorporated as standard equipment for life boats on several offshore oil platforms.

The Rescue Frame is widely used as rescue equipment on a range of work boats.

Medical Aspects:
Using the Dacon Rescue Frame, the person is recovered in a horizontal position which may reduce the possible danger of shock due to the blood pressure drop which may occur in connection with recovery of exhausted or injured persons from the water.

The full length of the body is supported and kept in a straight position during the recovery. This can be a significant factor in limiting further development of injuries.

The Rescue Frame also offers a gentle means for gentle recovery of bodies.

The Dacon Rescue Frame rolls up and stows on the deck or railing where it is always ready for immediate deployment. When stowed the Rescue Frame requires a minimum of space and will not obstruct passage onboard.

The Dacon Rescue Frame consists of a number of parallel fibre glass rods which are tied together by webbing to the shape of a net which is rigid in one direction. The outer rod is equipped with floats and hand-loops for easy grip.

When deployed, the Rescue Frame hangs down the freeboard forming a cradle in the water. The Dacon Rescue Frame may be equipped with lifting lines along each side of the net. All life boat models (longer models) are equipped with lifting lines as standard. This is optional on shorter models.

Life boat models may be equipped with pebble buoys to keep distance to the hull for easy scrambling.

Stretcher - The Rescue Frame doubles as an effective scrambling net for persons able to climb onboard, for instance in a transfer situation. The casualty is pulled in the cradle formed by the Rescue Frame in the water and gently 'rolled' onboard by lifting the grip bar or the lifting lines. The casualty may be assisted by a person entering down the net or from the water. 

The Rescue Frame is currently offered in sizes to fit craft with free boards from 0,5 - 3,5 meters.
Length: 180 cm (along the boat side)
Width: 1.8 m - 5 m
Materials: GRP, Polyester, stainless steel

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